Our Reward

At NextFit, we understand your hard work and dedication. Our diverse rewards are here to make sure you feel good every day working with us.

Outdoor Reward

Dedicated for outdoor trainings

Receive freshly-made rewards up to 5% commission of your outdoor sessions from NextFit.

Weekly Reward

Receive weekly hardwork's worth

Rewards up to 3,000,000 dedicated for the top-chart performer of the week! Join now!

Rush hour reward

Earn more, get even more in rush hours

Great chance to level up your income game with reward up to 10% commission in rush hour trainings.

More friend more benefit reward

Increase your income by introducing friends to join NextFit

As of March 30, all start and finish sessions at home and park locations will be refunded 1% of the training commission fee

More specifically, a personal training advanced session, will give you a commission of 5,100,000 VND / 12 X 80% = 340,000 VND.

Note: Training sessions after the Partner clicks the "Done" button will not count towards this support program. NextFit will be forced to stop cooperating with the Fraudster Partner (overtime, Own guest etc.)

Let us consult you

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